Close Buttons





This utility allows you to close open orders or remove pending ones.

Set the following parameters when you attach utility on the chart:


  • - Magic number
    1. [-1] - close/delete all open/pending orders
    2. [0] - close/delete only open/pending orders without a Magic Number
    3. [Any number] - close/delete only open/pending orders with specified Magic Number (orders placed by any Expert Advisor)
  • - Apply To - Current Symbol or to All Symbols (combined with Magic Number)

Options for open orders:

  • - Close All open orders
  • - Close only Buy orders
  • - Close only Sell orders
  • - Close only Buy orders in profit
  • - Close only Buy orders in loss
  • - Close All orders in profit
  • - Close All orders in loss
  • - Close only Sell orders in profit
  • - Close only Sell orders in loss
Options for Pending Orders:
  • - Delete Buy Stop orders
  • - Delete All Stop orders
  • - Delete Sell Stop orders
  • - Delete Buy Limit orders
  • - Delete All Limit orders
  • - Delete Sell Limit orders




Operating system: Windows XP or more recent. (Note: If you want to use Mac operating system you need third party software (like Parallels) to run Windows on your Mac)

Screen resolution: Minimum of 1024x768

Internet: Connection speed of 36.6 Kbps or faster

Installed applications:Meta Trader 4 (Version 4.00 Build 1090) (It is possible it works for older builds, however it is not tested)



Version 1.002

New features:

  • - Added sound effect when order is closed or deleted (possible to use custom audio file)
  • - Clean chart from Order objects


Version 1.001

Fixed bug with rendering panel


Version 1.000

First public release!