With using my trading tools you can

Improve your trading on Meta Trader 4

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Trade Manager 4 Editions

Trade Managers 4 product lines are tools developed with a goal to make manual trading in some (routine) task easier.

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Trading Statistics

Trading Statistics is a tool that will show you in real time the impact of your trading on your account. (Coming soon)

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Set of Indicators for getting signals for your entry or exit from trades.

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Trade Manager 4 Pro

The professional tool for trading on Meta Trader 4 platform with lot of features supporting many different trading styles. You can customize Trade Manager 4 Pro by your needs.

Few important features

   65 combinations to set order
   Break Even
   Trailing Stop Loss
   Pyramiding positions
   Averaging down
   Set Take Profit, Stop Loss and entry level for Pending Orders by lines positioned on the chart
   Working in backtesting mode
and many others

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Born to Trade CLUB

Born to Trade Club is area for all traders. And there are still new useful features...

What you can find in the Club:

   Download new version of trading tools
   Statistics of Instruments
   News (Finance, Business, Economy, Technology)
   Economic Calendar(s)

And what will be avaliable soon:

   Backtest / Strategy Analyser


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