Dashboard 4





TM Dashboard gets a quick overview about your open positions, pending orders and status of your trading account by Magic Number or/and Instrument (current or all).
It is simple but powerful panel for your Meta Trader 4 platform.

Dashboard displays following info:

Open Positions

  • - Number of open positions
  • - Size in lots by type for positions and sum
  • - Profit/loss in %, pips or points and money


Pending Orders

  • - Number of pending orders
  • - Size in lots by type for positions and sum


Account Info

  • - Account balance
  • - Account equity (account balance - all open positions)
  • - Profit (by history in terminal)
  • - Fees - commisions and swaps



  • - Average price - when you have open more positions in the same directions, it displays average price



TM Dashboard support more themes:



When you are using big LCD or small laptop you can scale dashboard panel in the settings by your needs:








Operating system: Windows XP or more recent. (Note: If you want to use Mac operating system you need third party software (like Parallels) to run Windows on your Mac)

Screen resolution: Minimum of 1024x768

Internet: Connection speed of 36.6 Kbps or faster

Installed applications:Meta Trader 4 (Version 4.00 Build 1090) (It is possible it works for older builds, however it is not tested)



Version 1.003

Added average price of all open positions


Version 1.002

Changed licensing


Version 1.001

First public release!

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