Trading Tools

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Package includes FREE trading tools as well as PAID. Please feel free to use any of our trading tools and find out if it can help you in your trading. Any suggestions, ideas or comments are very welcome of course.

Fx Strength


Correlation Matrix is the tool measuring correlated forex currencies or any instruments in real time. Correlation ranges from -100% to +100% where positive value (correlation) means that instruments are moving in the same direction and negative represents opposite direction.


Fx Strength


Fx Strength is the indicator measuring the strength of a currency calculated over several currency pairs and over different (preselected) timeframes.


Trade Manager 4 PRO


Trade Manager 4 PRO is a tool developed with a goal to make manual trading in some (routine) task easier. It comes with a flexible calculator to help set the parameters for the order by 65 combinations.


Donchian Channel


The Donchian Channel is trend-following indicator in technical analyses to measure a market's volatility. Indicator was created by commodities trader Richard Donchian well known as "The Father of Trend Following".


MT4/MT5 Templates


Several color schemes for MT4/MT5 templates. Just copy to templates folder in your MT4 or MT5 folder and enjoy.